The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) is a nonprofit organization established in 1987 to develop and oversee a testing and inspection program for certifying the quality of parts used for collision repairs. CAPA is not a manufacturing, marketing or sales organization. The program provides consumers, auto body shops, part distributors and insurance adjusters with an objective method for evaluating the quality of certified parts and their functional equivalency to similar parts made by car companies. CAPA was founded to promote price and quality competition in the collision part industry, thereby reducing the cost of crash repairs to consumers without sacrificing quality.
  • Develop quality standards for the manufacture of competitive auto body parts;
  • Ensure that parts bearing the CAPA Quality Seal are in compliance with CAPA Quality Standards;
  • Provide independent laboratory participation in the program to ensure integrity and conformity to generally accepted guidelines for third-party certification programs;
  • Publicize the certification program to users–consumers, auto body shops, insurance companies, government agencies, collision repair estimators and distributors.

For more information, visit CAPA’s web site or contact:

Executive Director, CAPA
1518 K Street NW, Suite 306, Washington, DC 20005
phone: (202) 737-2212 or fax: (202) 737-2214