The Problem…Damaged Alloy Wheels
The finish on aluminum alloy wheels can deteriorate over time from the harshness of service. This is caused by damage such as rock chips, road salt, ultra violet exposure and the nature of time. Also gouges, dents and cracks can occur as a result of minor impacts, potholes and curb damage. Whatever the cause may be, time takes it's toll on the aluminum wheels finish.

The Solution...Alloy Wheel Remanufacturing
All Keystone wheels have been refinished to “like new” condition. Keystone’s exclusive remanufacturing process includes complete stripping of old finish, straightening and welding as needed, restoration of color to original shade and a new oven baked powder coat to give the Keystone wheel a lifetime of beauty and wear!

The Solution May Not Be As Expensive As You Once Thought!
Keystone remanufactured wheels are typically 40% less than a replacement wheel from an original equipment dealer. Keystone wheels are sold on an exchange basis from our extensive inventories. If, however a particular wheel is not available, we can remanufacture your damaged wheel within a few days.

  • All wheels are subject to a $50 per wheel refundable core deposit
  • Center caps are not included
  • Customer Satisfaction guarantee